Cutting Edge Care For Cutting Edges

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All Work Orders of any type are serviced on a "first come - first served" basis.


Sharpening Rate

Chipper Knives - High Speed Steel 

Sharpening Rate / Per Edge

Praxis / Toro Stump Grinder Bits

Sharpening Rate


1100 Series  1/2" Shank
900 Series    7/16" Shank  
700 Series    3/8" Shank
500 Series    1/4" Shank

Vermeer Yellow Jacket Bits

Sharpening Rate

 $3.00 / Bit 

$6.00 / Bit

Up To 18 Inch



$1.00 / Inch / Edge

Closed For Business February 18 Thru March 31, 2019

​I Am No longer Accepting Work Orders Until April 1, 2019 

Before Transferring Any Tools For Service Be Certain To Read The Policy Page

Standard Stump Grinder Bits

Sharpening Rates

Pulley Pruner Heads

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Sharpening Rate

Gladiator Cutters​

Sharpening Rate

$4.00 / Bit
$3.00 / Bit
$2.75 / Bit
$2.50 / Bit





Sharpening Rate

Mail-In Work Order Return Shipping Is Invoiced At USPS Priority Mail Rates
Handling Charges Also Apply


Tree Service Tool Sharpening

$40.00 / Set

Forestry & Tree Service Tool Sharpening Rates

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1/4, 3/8, .325, LoPro
.404 Harvester Chain
3/4 Harvester Chain


$6.00 / Set

$3.00 / Bit

Whether your a professional working in the Timber, Logging, Forestry and Tree Services Industries or a private property owner managing your woodland assets I can help you work more efficiently and productively by maintaining your cutting tools to optimum sharpness. I can provide sharpening services for your Chainsaw Chains, Wood Chipper Knives, Stump Grinder Bits and Axes.

Often clients combine orders to save on shipping. In such cases I will not be responsible for the identification of individual's tools in combined work orders. The individual owners must have a means of identifying their property. My only responsibility is in sharpening. I will not sort tools as per individuals in combined work orders. I simply do not have the time. Sorting out who owns what will be your responsibility.


Custom Chain Grinding

Sharpening Rates / Pitch


Sharpening Rate

Cutter Set

Sharpen /Bit 


Sharpening Rate