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Info & Drop-off Appointments Phone: 540-308-9895
All sharpening rates, shipping and service charges are payable in (USD) United States Dollars

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Cutting Edge Care For Cutting Edges

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Terms & Instructions

Before Transferring Any Tools For Service Be Certain To Read The Policy Page

Mail-In Work Order Return Shipping Is Invoiced At USPS Priority Mail Rates - Handling Charges Also Apply

When shipping sharp and pointed objects for sharpening it is important to pack them properly for the protection of personnel and the tools! It is extremely important to wrap edged and pointed cutting tools in material that will protect the tool and anyone handling the package in transit. Carriers do not appreciate being stabbed or cut from protruding blades and points from packages they have to handle and neither do I.

Individual scissors and shears should be held closed by a rubber band and individually wrapped.  Knives or any other exposed blade tool should also be individually wrapped in protective material. Circular saw blades can be bolted and stacked concentrically with protective material between the blades and the entire stack wrapped for shipping. Bubble wrap is a great material for shipping. Wrap your tools firmly so they do not touch and damage each other, tape them together and place them in a shipping package large enough to have at least another one (1) inch of packing around the contents on all sides.

I Take No Responsibility For Damage Resulting From Your Improperly Packed Tools. Your tools and instruments are expensive, take the necessary precautions to protect them in shipping.

List any and all existing damage to your tools on the Work Order Form pertaining to your particular tools or instruments. If desired, purchase shipping insurance so that in the event of loss or damage to your tools during shipping you have a claim toward the limits of the insurance. Upon receipt of your shipment I will examine the listed tools. If the shipping container is received in good condition and no damage has been listed on the Work Order Form yet damage does exist I will notify you and I will not be held responsible for such damage in any way. Should I receive damaged tools you will be notified and you must file any claim for damages with your carrier.

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