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Culinary & Butcher Knives

Sharpening Rates

The knife, in one form or another, is the most commonly used tool throughout the world. There is no society, culture or civilization that does not use it everyday in one manner or another. There is probably no free and competent adult that does not use a knife at least once a day. As a premier sharpening professional involved in the custom sharpening and maintenance of edge cutting tools I never cease to be surprised at the poor condition most knives are in whether used by professionals or amateurs. Perhaps it is the knife's own common nature that fosters its neglect?

Knife Sharpening Rates

Up To 6 Inch Blades 
6+ To 10 Inch Blades 
Over 10 Inch Blades  
Rocker Knives  
Serrated Edge To 6 Inch
Half & Half Up To 6 Inch 
Serrated Edge Over 6 Inch
Half & Half Over 6 Inch 
Electric Knife / Set
Chef's Forks 
Carving Forks 
Kitchen Shears
Poultry Shears


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Add $2.00

Add $4.00

Pocket Knives  / Blade
Swiss Army Knives / Blade
Leatherman Tool / Blade 
Hunting / Skinner
Skinner with Gut Hook  
Tactical Knives

Serrated Edge Under 6 Inches

Serrated Edge Over 6 Inches

Manual Paper Cutter Knife

Sharpening Rate

Blade Repair & Adjustments

No Handle Repairs

 $1.00 / Inch 

ATTENTION:  When you work order knives for sharpening you and you alone take responsibility for maintaining any manufacturer's warranty or guarantee. Some high-end knife manufacturers place specifications on the maintenance of the knives they make to enforce their guarantee or warranty. By sending such tools to me for sharpening with or without verifying from the knife manufacturer any guarantee or warranty restrictions you agree to accept all responsibility and in no way hold me responsible for any loss of warranty and/or guarantee. I do not accept ceramic knives for sharpening under any conditions. 


Tip & Point Repair 
Chipped Blade epair 
Bolster Reduction
Profile Adjustment

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